Quality assurance
The quality of our products is guaranteed by GMP, ISO13485 and CE certificates.
We standardize the production process and we have made the development of precise and high-level medical consumptives.

Production Environment
The production environment of Lily Medical's meets GMP standard; we have 1,000 aseptic laboratories,
clean rooms of class 10,000 and 100,000. We entrust SGS Taiwan Branch with judgment and measurement for the dust-fall 
and bacterial quantity of the clean rooms every year. As to our production enviroments, we have automated assembling 
equipments, automated printing equipments, automated packing machines, pipe extrusion machines and advanced 
ethylene oxide gas sterilizing machines. 

R & D
Lily Medical's research and development center provides solid R&D organization and a complete R&D procedure. With the
experience accumulated all the years round, and the innovated research concept, our teams cooperate closely and play
their own roles according to their respective specialties in the fields of structural design, technology verification, and
product specifications.
Lily medical also provides ODM service depends on customer requests.

Superior quality is the basically request to Lily Medical; more than this,
Lily Medical provides promptly feedback for customer requests and messages from different sources.
Lily Medical guarantees the on time delivery we promised.
Lily Medical offers the superior after sales service.

Lily Medical Corporation, the most trusty partner you can work with.