CVP Manometer Set

  1. -3 to -3.8cm H2O.
  2. With a ball in the tubing, it's easy to observe.
  3. PCT material tubing is with characters of hardness, transparence, easy to do the after processing, eco-friendly, no odor, non-toxic, and will not cause pollution when burning.
  4. With a stand.
  5. 180° or 360° optional 3-way stopcocks.

    -3 to 35cm/ 125cm tube/3-way stopcocks in 360-degree with blue handle/ 
    Male luer slip/ Female luer lock/ holder/stand
    with Y injection site
    -3 to 35cm/ 125cm tube/3-way stopcocks in 180-degree with white handle/ 
    Male luer lock/ Female luer lock/ holder/ stand
    with Y injection site