Medical Injection Tube, Medical Extension Tube

  1. Rotating luer lock reduces the twisting tubing during connection.
  2. Available to normal and needle free options.
  3. Various length and components assembling are available.

    1106004 Two ways/1.67x3.5mmx80mm/Male luer lock/2xFemale luer slip
    1106006 3.1mmx4.1mmx110mm /Needle free injection site/Male luer lock
    1106008 1.2mmx2.4mmx110mm /Needle free injection site/Male luer lock
    1106009 3.1mmx4.1xmmx190mm/0.22µ Filter/Needle free Y connector/Male luer lock
    1106011 Four ways/1.67x3.5mmx80mm/Male luer lock/4xFemale luer slip
    1106013 3.1mmx4.1xmmx250mm/1.20µ Filter/Needle free Y connector/ Male luer lock
    1106014 Two way/1.2mmx2.4xmmx60mm/2xNeedle free injection site/Male luer lock
    1106015 Two way/3.1mmx4.1xmmx75mm/2xNeedle free injection site/Male luer lock
    1106018 3.1mmx4.2xmmx30mm/Vented Spike/Needle free injeciton site/Check Valve
    1106024 3.1x4.1x600mm/Connector/Male luer lock
    1106036 3.1x4.1x900mm/Y injection site/Male luer slip /Female luer slip
    1106037 3.1x4.1x1200mm/Male luer lock/Female luer slip
    1106039 3.1x4.1x1200mmConnector/Male luer slip/
    1106056 1.27mmx2.4mmx150mm/Needle Free injection site/male luer lock
    1107006 1.67mmx3.5mmx150mm/3-way stopcock