IV Infusion Sets, Disposable Infusion Set

  1. Spike: ≒20 drops/ml
  2. Chamber: ≒20 drops/ml
  3. Total length: ≒180cm
  1. Spike is sharp and easy to puncture.
  2. Connector fixes to each type of spike and connector.
  3. Roller clamp is superior control of the flow rate.
  4. The end of set can be optional to luer lock or slip.

    P/N Spec.
    1103027 3.1x4.1x1500mm/Y injection site/Microdrip adapter/Male luer slip
    1103031 3.1x4.1x1650mm/Y injection site/Male luer slip
    1103033 3.1x4.1x1650mm/Needle free Y connector /Male luer slip
    1103065 3.1*4.1*1650mm/Needle free Y connector / Rotating luer lock